Grandparenting– great fun!

I am so bummed. I can’t manage to get my IBSD under control. It is better than it was but still giving me problems. I feel bad complaining because I don’t have the problems that many people have. The hardest part is not being in control

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There is a new baby about to be born into our family and the mother is sure that her child will be perfect. I suspect that most of us felt that way before we had children. We had expectations that were usually completely wrong. When we are young and naive we think that everything will go the way we expect…and then life begins.


When we have children life is no longer in our control. It really isn’t anyway but we don’t realize that until things go wrong. Children are their own selves and have their own minds and personalities. Every day is a new experience. It is amazing how quickly they get smarter than their parents. They are superior at reading moods, finding loopholes and pitting parents against each other.



It makes me glad that I am a grandparent and great-grandparent and can love the children and send them home. Life is good!

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  1. “Children are their own selves and have their own minds and personalities.” I realized this when I was pregnant for the first time and started to be able to feel my daughter move. I would sometimes lie really still and try to make her move by “willing” her to move. When that didn’t work, I realized, of COURSE I can’t will her to move. She has a will of her own. “Silly mama!”


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