Life is a wonderful thing. A journey that we don’t want to miss. In some ways it seems that we missed things this year. We have to understand that this past year was life. It definitely was different than any of us expected but it was life. For those of us who continued to experience this past year it was a time to learn. It was a time to take stock of ourselves. It was a time to test our strength. It was time to pull out the best of ourselves and live on.

Now it is time for us to take what we have learned and use the strength we have gained to face the new year. We have to make it the best we can. We have to work with what we have and move forward with love and hope.

May the new year give us the chance we have gained through the struggle of 2020 and live, live, live 2021!

Uncaring or unconcerned?

I have been so lost and so disoriented lately. Life has changed so drastically. I still have not really accommodated myself to all that has changed. We are quite comfortable here and life is ok except for the rise of covid again. why can’t people do the right thing and safe distance, wear masks and be careful of others?

We have lived so long in a “me first” society that many people are not concerned with others. We no longer have the compassion that people showed in the past. You wouldn’t think that people could be so uncaring.

I only pray that there can be some kind of turnaround. So many people being sick and dying should teach a lesson but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Is that what is happening or do many feel that their getting sick is not a problem. They don’t feel vulnerable.

Something has got to change.

Hard to write

It has been very hard to write lately. Covid is rampant again and we are staying close to home. Christmas is almost here and yet it is hard to get into the spirit. So many people did not stay in over Thanksgiving and now we are seeing the result.

This time has been almost as hard as the two Christmases that my husband was in Vietnam. He loves Christmas but this is not what he’s used to. 

We will get through this. Somehow things will have to get better.

I hope that everyone has a safe and wonderful Christmas.

More rambling

Today I helped my daughter make Christmas cookies. This is the first time I had done that in several years. It seems that I haven’t taken the time. It was a really fun things to do. I have finally obtained an appointment with a primary care doc. This is something critical for the management of his health and it is a relief to get this done. I will see if I can see this doc also as it will simplify matters.

Yesterday my daughter, who works at a hospital, got the first of two injections for covid. I am so glad. I have worried about her as she has been exposed three times in the hospital and didn’t get the virus but luck can run out. I hope that this means that all of us will be able to vaccines soon. I have been doing little except knitting, crocheting and watching TV. Like most people I am thoroughly tired of it. What was my hobby has become my life. I am ready for some new stimulating activities.

We are all exhausted with this long drawn out crisis and hope that there will be changes soon. May we all see a new vision with the coming new year.

Hard times

I can’t believe how difficult it has been to write lately. My heart is heavy with all that has gone on. Details have buried me in paperwork and I am so lonely. I know that most of us are experiencing that problem. I don’t know why it is bothering me now since moving didn’t change any of that since I see some family here and saw a very few friends at at home.

We can climb out of this

They are starting to vaccinate health care workers here so maybe before too long we will be able to get the vaccine. I know some people are afraid to take it but at our age we have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Each time I have to go to the grocery store or anywhere else I pray that I don’t get the virus just before the vaccine is available. I’m sure many people feel that way.

So much for my sad story this night. Tomorrow will be a brighter day with hope on the horizon. May you all be blessed with a good night and a wonderful tomorrow.

Family: good, bad and indifferent

The past few days have been turbulent. With families there can be issues that can cause hardships. However, we have been through the storm and all is well. Truthfully almost all.

Families are not perfect. Each of has our own plans and our own ideas and something those bring us into conflict. The important thing to remember is that we are family. I was raised to believe that family is the most important thing. Every family has its weird Uncle George or it crazy Aunt Mary. Every family has its black sheep or show off who wants to let everyone know that he/she is better than the rest. I choose to live with all those things because, for me, the bottom line is family is important.

I have been blessed with all the quirks and strangeness and with the wonderful, caring and loving. I may not like everyone all the time but I just accept that we are different. For me family matters.

illusions are dangerous

One of my favorite bloggers posted today about illusions. It reminded me of this quote from the movie Sabrina “Illusions are dangerous people. They have no flaws.”

This is so true. We can easily elevate someone into being a saint. All it takes is distance…or being dead. When we are not around someone they can take on qualities that we give them. Falling in love can make the loved one something they are not. We can give them positive or negative qualities either one being an illusion.

Everyone has good and bad qualities. We need to see people realistically. Believing a false image can cause us to be badly hurt. It can also cause us to hurt someone else. We are flawed creatures and make mistakes. No one is perfect. Remember that.

Just some thoughts

Christmas is coming. Do you believe it? Maybe this year we will be forced to think about what it means instead of stressing out about details. We never seem to get our priorities right. I just can’t get started. Today I realized I have not even heard a Christmas carol. I usually hear them riding in the car to shop or visit but I haven’t been anywhere.

Sometimes I wonder what we will talk about when this disease is relegated to the back pages. I guess we will reminisce about the year 2020.

Hang in there . “This too shall pass.”

We need each other!

Life continues on as usual with covid hanging over us. I suppose we will not see any change until the new year. I miss people. We are a communal species. Being by ourselves doesn’t work for most of us. It helps some to talk on the phone or use on line ways to see each other but it is not the same as a hug or a smiling face. We can’t see the faces of others when we go out because, at least, most of us are wearing masks.

It will be so nice to come back to some kind of world even if we have to make changes. I hope we have learned some valuable lessons about how careless we have been with our earth and can make improvements.

I look forward to life going on but not like this please!

Where do I fit?

In reading comments from others tonight I realized that in addition to giving up my home and many “things” this change has caused me to move away from being the “matriarch.” It was always my home that some of my children came to during Christmas time. It was my table where we ate and I considered it my job to be sure that everyone had a good Christmas.

loss of role/identity

Now I seem to be in a new world. One where my role has changed and I am not sure how I feel. I miss so many things besides the obvious. I miss my volunteer work, my caring for others who I could help, my place in my local community. All of this is gone. In many ways I have lost myself.

I know that this will change and that covid has made this a problem that it would not normally be. In another time I would have been able to get out and meet people. Find places to help and volunteer and covid ahs taken that away.

This is something to ponder on and find ways to plan for something new.