Crisis and Hope

I am working hard to get back into the habit of posting. I know that I am doing too many things to keep myself from thinking about the changes in my life and the world. Posting is such a good way to vent feelings and share hope.

We have been through so much and now there is another war to think about. So many people are at risk and they did nothing to deserve it. Hitler started by just hopping into Poland and then kept going. I know so little about Putin and how much his personality could influence what happens next. In WWII we learned too much about how one person’s mania can destroy so much. Let’s hope we learned enough to do what works to end it.

After several plus years of dealing with a pandemic and now war it is so easy to get depressed. We are in a fragile condition emotionally. I don’t know there are very many people who have not suffered some deprivation since covid began. Most of us are not at our best to handle a new crisis. We have not yet recovered from the last one.

However in the midst of all of it we have to trust that somehow things will change. We cannot turn away from hope. It is the lifeline that we cling to and a gift from God. Over all the catastrophes we have endured throughout history we are still here. I pray that we will be able to push away the darkness and let in the light.

Hope! Continue to hope but don’t forget to “act as if” we can change things. We cannot sit by and do nothing. Small acts of hope and love matter. Act!

Being Vulnerable

Being vulnerable takes courage. It is difficult to open ourselves to the potential that we may be hurt. Interestingly enough, both physical and emotional pain are experienced in the same part of the brain. Emotional pain hurts. If we have been hurt before we are fearful of going through the same experience. That is why we so easily ignore the opportunity.

Disclosure of our intimate selves is scary but when when we do a whole new level of friendship and/or love is possible. Yes, we could get hurt but we could also receive so much more than we lose.

In this uncomfortable world we have today the potential to touch with openness, love and friendship can make a tremendous difference. Don’t be afraid to reach out and let others in. It can change things.

When will it change?

This is the first time that I have written for a long time. It’s as if I can’t get myself together. Day to day I am fine except for the usual that we all are going through with covid. And yet, here I am with weeks since I had the energy to write anything. Every time I thought about it it’s as if I shied away from it. I wanted so much to help others with my writing and have so many other ways I want to be of use but none of that has been possible. Sometimes is seems too much.

I am so blessed to be in a wonderful place but it doesn’t seem that way now. Austin remains at level 5 and ti seems that it will never drop. Patients are in the hospital who have been vaccinated but all but a very few only received two shots and did not go back for the booster. It is so frustrating.

That is my rant for the day. I am really ok but just impatient for something to change.