I am a 76 year old who just retired from 20 years as a Parish Nurse. Faith has been an important part of my life but health issues come in second. I have had a lifetime dealing with situational anxiety and have been freed by discovering that this is not an uncommon problem. Worrylessjourney is about my struggles and my journey to tackle this affliction head on instead of letting it rule me. My other blog “heargodinothervoices” shows how I find inspiration and growth from everything around me. I have gained much from my 76 years and it is time to share.

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Old Wisdom

Ageing, disappearing Vanishing, not noticed Passed by As we grow older  these things happen Frequently But we remember We learned And we still remember Life is a gift Cherished, loved Hated, experienced Ups and downs Bring wisdom Joys and tears Compassion Can be learned As our lives Connect with others The journey can be Long … Continue reading Old Wisdom

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