illusions are dangerous

One of my favorite bloggers posted today about illusions. It reminded me of this quote from the movie Sabrina “Illusions are dangerous people. They have no flaws.”

This is so true. We can easily elevate someone into being a saint. All it takes is distance…or being dead. When we are not around someone they can take on qualities that we give them. Falling in love can make the loved one something they are not. We can give them positive or negative qualities either one being an illusion.

Everyone has good and bad qualities. We need to see people realistically. Believing a false image can cause us to be badly hurt. It can also cause us to hurt someone else. We are flawed creatures and make mistakes. No one is perfect. Remember that.

4 thoughts on “illusions are dangerous

  1. i’ve always felt that sentiment. Especially when going to funerals and hearing some of the speeches given, whilst knowing the truth about some things. I also feel it when history uncovers the negatives about famous people and we have to come to terms with things about them that make us really squirm.


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