We seem to have learned nothing

Since I am continuing to think about the school massacre it brings back to mind my thoughts about more extensive mental health screenings and help in the schools. As a society we seem to be headed down a path of increasing mental illness. People are angry and have no idea what to do with that anger. Taking a weapon and using it on innocent people has become the way to express that anger and frustration.

The mediation center that I will be volunteering for also has a program that teaches conflict resolution in the schools. This will not solve the whole problem but is a step in the right direction.

angerHistory tells us that there was brutality in the past and discrimination and violence. I hoped that we were growing and learning but it seems I was wrong. Unkindness is growing and having compassion is not the norm. There may have been some bullying when I was in grade school and high school but I don’t ever remember it becoming a major issue. (of course that was over 60 years ago) I wish I knew what could be done to help but I don’t have any more answers than anyone else.

Let go

tearsYesterday the world crashed in on me. The worries that I have been carrying about members of my family became overwhelming. It was as if I fell into a dark hole. The thing is being in the hole helped me. I let go of all the emotion that had been bottled up. I cried over it and it helped.

Sometimes we just need to recognize that some things are worth crying over. There is sadness and pain and things going wrong and we can’t fix it. Crying is a kind of acknowledgement that it is real and won’t change right away. It is a reminder that we are not in charge of the world and the control is not ours. This kind of letting go allows us to reach out to the one who is in charge and let all the worry and pain be assuaged.

tears 2

Matthew 11:28 

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.
Things don’t always work out the way we want. Lives can be damaged and burdens hard to carry but we don’t have to do it on our own.

What are we to do?

what-have-we-learned1Sometimes the sadness of the world can be overwhelming. It is not even necessary to mention all the things that are wrong. There is so much grief and pain. When I was younger I thought that the world would just get better and better….that each generation would have a better life but I know that is not the case. Life continues….do people change? Are we any better or any worse than people who came before us? Is the violence and hatred worse? Sometimes is seems so but that may just be because communication lets us hear more. Since my first degree is in history I know that there was great evil in the past and horrible violence. This makes me believe that nothing has changed. We humans have not changed. We have learned nothing from the past.

be like christGod must weep at our inability to learn. He sent Christ to show us how we should live. What more could he do? A living example right in front of us and yet here we are. When will we learn?

We have to keep following his example. Not words that were written though they help…..but his actions. His love. His healing. His acceptance of everyone. His forgiveness. This is what we have to do. Every day, every minute, every second.

Live like him, live for him.

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What to do?

graveyardEach day I become more and more concerned about the divisions occurring not just in the US but world wide. You would think that instant world communication would draw us closer together but that doesn’t seem to be happening.

In the US the congress is so polarized that nothing can get done. Members seem to think only of their own gain and not about the state of the nation. I hope it is not as bad as this in other countries. My first college major was history and I learned a good deal about the rise and fall of nations. The US for so long was a country for good (or seemed to be) but not only is the government dysfunctional but people almost seem unable to function well.

Today there was another school shooting. So far two killed and I think 12 wounded. I would like to boost the mental health screening in all schools with very competent help. Children who never before solved problems by killing other students now seem to see it as the only thing to do. Outsiders also come into schools and kill children.

Often we have talked about the lack of competent mental health availability in our world and it seems that it is becoming a critical need. Are the people in charge hiding their heads in the sand and not seeing the problem? It is difficult to get help in a consistent manner and for it to be available when needed. What do we have to do to get people to wake up and change things?

I wish I knew what is stressing us all….what has changed to make people more at risk for breaking apart? In other blogs I have talked often about the loss of silence, lack of personal relationships and our inability to relax. I know there is more than this but what are we to do? There is no question that if we can’t change life as we know it will be gone.

god help us

God help us!

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Heal by helping

on the huntTomorrow I begin a new journey. When I started this new path my daughter said that since I can do what I want I am in “sampling” mode. That is, I can try different things to see what I want to do. I am not a person who can just sit home and I need to do something that helps. I begin Mediation training tomorrow. I will be volunteering as part of the civil court system to help people come to some agreement rather than go to court. I know that this will be challenging but I have mediated so many things in my life that it sounds interesting to me. If it doesn’t work for me I don’t have to do it.

I have to be at the training at 8:00 am and I am no longer used to getting up early so it will be a new perspective. The training is  three and 1/2 days long so I think I can put up with it for that long. I have the advantage to work when I want.The schedule is flexible.

Getting out of the house and learning something new will be good for me. I have not only been vegetating but also less happy. I need challenges and I need growth to keep me from anxiety and depression. I am so much better when I have a focus. I hope that it helps me get out of the rut I have been in and ease my IBS.

helpint healsI am of the opinion that when we focus on helping others we tend to focus less on ourselves. We have less time to obsess and sink into a depressing pattern. Helping others is so rewarding on many levels. We develop a sense of self worth and feel better about ourselves. Just knowing that you have made a difference in another’s life is a blessing. Maybe if those of us who tend to spend too much time in our own minds could lead a life of giving ourselves we would experience some healing.

Helping is healing!