Who can fix it?

Does anything go well in medicine anymore? I have a friend whose granddaughter has been through a two or more month nightmare getting the right things done in hospitals. Yesterday I discovered that the people who supply my medicines had not sent me two medicines that I need regularly. I did finally get one but the other one is still a mess. Periodically the contracts for who does this work get moved to someone different (probably the lowest bidder) and they have not figured it out. The worst thing is that what shows up on my phone is not the correct provider so you don’t recognize them when they call or text.

I really wish I knew who to talk to about the phone thing because that causes major problems. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know exactly the right person to call to get things corrected? That would be nirvana.

It has reached the point where we all need a patient advocate who knows what to do and they need to be with us all the time.

4 thoughts on “Who can fix it?

  1. It sure is frustrating to see how complicated things have become.
    I have a screening service on my phone through Google that I use when getting a call from a number that’s not in my contacts. The caller has a chance to state their name and the reason for the call. If it’s a doctor’s office or other legitimate call, they tell me, and I pick up. But most of the time the caller hangs up pretty fast.


  2. yup, even as a private duty nurse i have noticed a huge decline in – how shall i say- people doing thier job ? For instance my little guy ( patient) has several supply companies for his durable medical equipment. In the past 2 years they have all merged and such and the effect has been horrendous. No one seems to know how to process the orders( which have stayed exactly the same for years now). We often get ripped off several orders per year because they aren’t processed in a timely manner ( even after several calls). My feelings are that we the people are getting the shaft and no one really cares about anything except profit…le sigh


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