Just thoughts

The weather has changed again. We go from ninety something degrees two forty degrees. You can never figure out what to wear.

At last after being here almost two years I am loving my apartment and feel at home. It’s always good to remember that nothing is ever perfect. And we can’t expect it to be. I am still amazed At the people who live here. It is like a brain trust here. There are so many people with p h d’s and amazing life experiences.

Crash does really well for a big dog in a small space. He ages along with me and we both move slower than we used to.

We have lifelong learning classes that we can choose to attend. At the moment I am going to a philosophy of aging class that is very interesting. I don’t think I will ever want to stop learning. Curiosity is a wonderful thing. I am also reading an amazing book the song of the cell. I can’t even pretend to spell the name of the person who wrote it but it is really good. He won a Pulizer Prize for his first book which was about cancer. His writing style is easy to read and makes If it’s something that interests difficult topic easy going. If it is something that interests you check it out.

Learning until the end

It is hard to write about something philosophical when your mind is occupied with making plans to change your life. There are some things that I just can’t bring to mind right now. I feel as if I am in a fog. I haven’t even been able to read much and that is very unusual. I am hoping that once we are settled again my mental acuity will come back.

I have always been a curious person. Reading everything in sight from a very early age. I loved history, English, psychology whatever was next in front of me. I went to college for the second time in my forties and studied nursing reading way beyond what I needed. Loving what I was learning.

In my 50’s I decided to study the new things going on in physics. One of my friends is a physicist and she said “you are reading physics for fun?” Yes it was fun.

This last few months have drained me and my curiosity is on vacation. I know it will return and I am looking forward to that. There is so much in the world and I want to explore everything I can before I shuffle off.