Quit worrying

worriedDo you want to worry? I am sure if you try hard enough you can find something. I know that I can. I am having some medical issues that may be nothing or something. That is enough for me to stress about. Logic goes out the window.

I will, however, step back and remember the things I need to do to keep the worry in check. When it comes to health no amount of worry can change anything so it is wasted time. Will everything else going on time wasting is not an option.


Soooo back to meditation, positive thinking, prayer and spending time with those I love. What works for you when you are worried?

2 thoughts on “Quit worrying

  1. Focusing on God always helps, reminding myself that He hasn’t fallen off His throne, He loves me, and He knows way more than I do. Prayer, reading Scriptures (especially Psalm 91), and singing worship songs usually helps me untie that knot in my stomach.


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