Controlling thoughts

Life is uncertain; in the end we control only a single thing: our own thoughts. From the book “Pandemic”

While reading the book this jumped out at me. It is so true. There is very little that we can control and sometimes we have trouble controlling our thoughts. And yet, it is one of the things we most need to learn. Our thoughts can take us on a wonderful journey or send us into the deepest depths.


For those who struggle with issues such as anxiety, depression, bipolar etc. it transpires daily. Our thoughts control how we feel. Sometimes the problem can begin with a trigger such as stress caused by the life we deal with or by physical issues such as IBS. Whatever sets off the thoughts can bring us down in a minute.

Most of the coping mechanisms we learn have to do with changing those thoughts. If only it were easy. We can learn the coping skills but we have to use them for them to work. This means making them become habits and that is the hard part.

calm yourselfWhatever helps you to override the thoughts that bring you down work hard to have it become natural as breathing. It is a struggle but one that is worth the effort.


Never give up on finding and using what helps you calm those errant thoughts!

7 thoughts on “Controlling thoughts

  1. Learned a while ago that all I can control are my responses to what the world throws my way. I’m a batter, planning to either bunt or bash that ball out of the park, but I am always in control.

    To calm my racing thoughts, a troublesome problem that affects many on the spectrum, I knit or dance or sing. I avoid mainstream media in favor of international news which seems more balanced, objective, and calm. Watch NHK for example.

    To avoid the trap of judgementalism, I engage with the best aspects of the plurality of cultural practices that exist in this world. I fast and read the Qu’ran for Ramadan. I observe Passover. I read broadly and diversely. I learn new languages. The more good I can take from my cultural studies, the more I can apply this good in my life and the hope to spread it to the lives of others.

    Controlling our thoughts is a great occupation. It often starts with distracting the self away from thoughts and emotions that do not serve our best purposes. That distracting thought or activity can become a developed interest. Next thing you know, that troublesome bit that was throwing your calm has reverted to the background and equilibrium has been regained.

    It is a constant struggle, but worth the effort. Peace of mind and a sense of well-being are definitely worth the effort to acquire and maintain.


    1. It is wonderful to continue to expand your knowledge and experience. Learning about others and their experiences helps us to a wider understanding. Understanding brings acceptance. Wonderful thoughts.


      1. People are as endlessly fascinating as they are disappointing, but I hold hope for the best outcomes for us because reason, understanding, and broad experience can teach us all how to get along. Life has got to stop being a competition, though, for so many. There is much work to do, much need for discipline. We start by controlling our thoughts, our selves.
        Thank you, fellow traveler. May you walk well.


      2. We haven’t figured it out since before we started keeping time. I’m amazed we’ve made it this far, this long. Astonished at 64!


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