Time moves on

sad season

This week I have been sad. I don’t know if it was my birthday and getting older or the autumn and the darkness. It could be all of the above. It has brought to mind some things that I used to do and don’t any more.

I used to bake for Christmas. I made lots of sweets for everyone.  I no longer have someone to bake for. The two of us have no desire to eat lots of Christmas sweets. My grandchildren are grown up (all except one who is in his teens) and not around to bake for or with. It was fun to make treats with my children and grandchildren.

For some reason I stopped sending Christmas cards. Our years of moving around made me lose track of many people. Our life is different now and it seems that there are many people who don’t send cards. In a way that is a regret. It was a job to get them done but a wonderful way to keep in touch.

I don’t have as much money to spend on gifts and so I try to be resourceful and creative in the things I find. This has been a plus as it has helped me to spend time on what really matters. It also reminds me of those who have nothing.

Again, life changes and we have to experience each phase. We can’t opt out if we plan to live on. Getting older can present challenges but so do other phases of life. To really live we have to seize each moment and know it will not come again.

time moves

Even though I have been sad sometimes sad can be a season of remembrance. It can be a time when we think about how different things are and plan to choose to live this moment. In this season of darkening skies and leaves falling life continues. Winter will follow and spring and on and on. The world is turning, time goes forward and I am still here to see it.

6 thoughts on “Time moves on

  1. Courage! Yes, these are seasons of life. People get older, kids get older and then we’re back to where we started before the children came – just him and I. That time will come for me too. It’s life, it’s the seasons of life. We pray that we accept it with love and grace. Age is so beautiful, it says a lot about you, that you’ve lived a journey not many have had the chance to.
    I agree, I love Christmas cards. I still send them. I try to keep up with my inner ‘circle’ and when they move throughout the year, I just put in their information in my handy address book. Yes, I have one! Send them out! Send them to the addresses’ you still have. Send me your address to my email, I’ll send you one of mine when I get ready to send mine out! It’ll be so fun!
    How about you bake and give away as gifts?! I’ve done that in years past. I think people appreciate that more than anything else. Bake cookies or brownies, cut them up and give away as gifts.
    Loved your post! Courage! He’s with you always. 😊🙏🏽


  2. I am so sorry you have felt sad, I really hope you feel better very soon. I myself loathe the winter and adore the long hot sunny days of summer, and November really is the worst! so you’re not alone in feeling down this month. xx


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