Still waiting

golden-retriever-sits-outside-stWe still have no idea what the hurricane will do. It is moving so slowly so we just have to continue to wait and see. We do have somewhere to go if we have to leave but it is not easy, at our age, to board up the house. We have metal shutters but they have to be carried around to the front and screwed in. we will manage but hope we don’t have to.

Again I feel such anguish for those in the Bahamas. It sounds as if the islands will just be swept over with water. I hope that anyone still there survives.

Even though we are waiting life itself goes on as usual. It’s funny that I am not triggered by this situation. It is physical problems that trigger me. Each of us has different things that set us off. It is helpful to know what it is.


I hope that the people redoing the bathroom will be able to work some this week but who knows. Again it will be a waiting game. I guess waiting will be my middle name for the near future. I will be testing my patience. Not something I am especially good at.

9 thoughts on “Still waiting

  1. This is very true. Over the years I’ve been able to introspect and find what gets to me, and it helped me to work with it head on. It’s not easy but knowing what was making me anxious helped to work with it best I could . I do hope all will be ok and that the hurricane misses you guys. I will pray for you.


  2. Waiting is the hardest part. We just spent a week waiting for access in and out of the community as well as water and power to be restored after a serious storm. I have learned a lot from this experience though. Hope you are okay.


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