Too busy?

busy lifeThis quote set me to thinking. We can easily be too busy about nothing. Does the busy-ness cover our inability to stop? Are we busy about things that have no meaning?

It is so easy to get caught up especially in this season. Shopping, baking, decorating seem to take up all of our time. Our minds are on overloaded trying to juggle everything. We don’t take time to stop and think. Unfortunately we have turned this holiday season into a nightmare. Many of us spend more than we should on things that may not even be appreciated. We need to rethink this season and find a middle ground that works.

In the last few years I have backed off from some of the stress I created during the holidays. I have a much more relaxed attitude. Things don’t get done as fast and if they are not done at all that’s ok. I used to be  whirling dervish…running everywhere….making sure everything was perfect…driving myself crazy. When the holidays actually arrived I was too tired to enjoy them.

We can set ourselves an impossible task. We can end up exhausted and burned out. Try to decide the things that really matter and let the rest go. You will reap the benefit of enjoying a joyful season.

8 thoughts on “Too busy?

  1. Oh so true and so right!
    What the true meaning of this season? He’s the reason for the season. 😊🙏🏽 Unfortunately – or rather, fortunately, I’ve had my share of number of surgeries that have helped me slow down. I’m so thankful for that.


  2. Great post! I think it is easy to attach our self-worth to the ideas of accomplishing tasks. Somehow the more things we complete, the better human we are. This can set us up for what we then regard as being “failure,” which you so aptly describe 🙂


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