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complain volunteerSome people delight in complaining. They want to tell you what is wrong. They don’t want to fix it they just want to complain. Some of them are negative all the time but some are not. If you are part of a group plan there is always someone who wants to tell you why it won’t work. I hate to say it but probably the worst are church members. I think that part of the reason is that everyone who belongs think they own the whole thing. If there is one typo in the bulletin they have to point it out. Especially in some place where everyone can hear.

The hardest part about belonging to a church is that it is as imperfect as we are. I think that’s what turns some people off. The expectation is that everyone in the church will behave in a Christian way. Yeah, that’s not going to happen.

Church may not necessarily be important to your spiritual growth but a community of people is. If you can find a church that feels like home that is wonderful. If you can’t then at least seek our some like-minded souls who will support you on your path.


It is very difficult to grow in your chosen faith alone. We all need people who share their stories, their struggles and their journey. Connecting with others gives us insights that we would not find on our own. That is the same kind of support that some of us find blogging. We can gain support that way if we truly exchange our formation stories and our successes and failures. However, where faith is concerned, I think some sort of physical connection helps. Not everyone benefits from a place where we experience physical touch but as humans it changes us.

Don’t ever stop seeking the place that you can grown and thrive!


4 thoughts on “Find your growing place!

  1. YES! This is why we are told not to forsake the assembling of ourselves, and why the enemy of our souls is sabotaging our weekly gatherings. This is exactly why I wrote “Seduction, the Frog, and the Death of Sunday” (November 9).


  2. It’s sad that we all do it. We complain instead of finding the good in our day . For the Lord says today is a brand new day. A day in which we have not seen. Imagine if we be thankful and not complain? I think we would get a glimpse of what being thankful really is.

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  3. Excellent post ! I am trying to weave my way back into the community of humans, but I’d have to say my church is in nature, hiking alone on the trail. Now if I could find another to join me, that would be beautiful indeed.


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