oopsIt is amazing to me how closely linked my anxiety is to my IBSD. There is a connected pathway between the two. It goes both ways. For the last few days I was really stupid and didn’t take some of my medicines.  The results were what you would expect. I ended up with a bad episode. It’s what happens when you get disorganized and don’t follow your regimen. Now I’m suffering for it.


It shows how life goes along just fine and then we ignore what we need and we bear the results. I know there are people who don’t deal with issues such as this but no one is perfect and they have other things to deal with. Life is never perfect and we would be bored to death if it were. It would be like living in Pleasantville (old movie). Nothing changed and life was desperately ordinary.


Sometimes it is hard to cope with the things that plague us but most of the time I can see other problems that I wouldn’t want. I once went to a lecture where the presenter asked everyone to write their biggest problem on a piece of paper and pass it to the front. She then asked who wanted to come up and take someone else’s problem. No one did. Like it or not we have a relationship with ourselves and have developed the coping skills to mitigate our health issues.

Each of us has the life we have been given and our purpose is to make the best of it that we can. This means continuing to learn, grow and live!

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  1. I’ve learned that my mental and emotional health pretty much dictates my overall physical health. For me, a healthy mind leads to a healthy life. Thanks for sharing this.


    1. Since I am a nurse I read a lot about this and much is going on about the mind/bowel link. it has become one of the most critical links to our health. Having either one go wrong will strongly affect the other. Years ago The Kingston Trio made a comment at a concert: “clean mind, clean body…take your pick.” It was a joke but we truly must attempt to have both.

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