Isolation means lack of human touch

Another day of feeling isolated. No matter how many times we talk with people electronically it doesn’t take the place of face to face. This is one of the things that has worried me about the electronic communication generation. I worried about them not knowing how to communicate in any other way. Now look at us. We have all have had to do the same thing.

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I hope when this is over that we will understand how crucial person to person contact is. Humans are meant to be communal. We don’t do well without others. We need human touch. Children who don’t have it from birth have serious problems including attachment disorder.

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I hope that we will learn from this isolation and appreciate the contacts we will have later. Take the time to enjoy the extra time we have and know that “this too shall pass.” And God bless those whose lives are put on the line for us each day. They are busier and at risk.

7 thoughts on “Isolation means lack of human touch

  1. We may not be touching as much, but I’ve noticed there’s a lot more talking in our neighborhood. People are talking across their yards, from their porches, as they walk or bike. I’ve met four neighbors in the past week that I had never met before and learned that we have a lot in common. I’m seeing more kids playing in their yards and driveways, not staring at screens. I’m hoping all this is going to be good for us in the long run. And when we can hug again, those hugs will feel so good! 🙂


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