Toilet paper answer

Today we ventured out to the grocery store. We are limiting the times we go anywhere but it was necessary. While in the store my husband commented to one of the employees that he just didn’t understand the hoarding of toilet paper.

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The reply he got was “It is because the virus scares the s###t out of everyone.” That is the first logical response I have heard and the funniest.

There are some funny things to be found in our day to day lives now. One yard in our neighborhood usually looks terrible but it now looks great. Guess the free time made a difference.

Many people are still working here but I don’t know how long that will last. We are way behind the places that got the virus early on and we will be behind getting rid of it. That may mean a longer time isolating since we began with the rest of the country.

I have managed to be productive knitting and crocheting— 2 blankets for the Humane Society, three hats for one granddaughter (she wears them so she doesn’t have to fix her hair for university classes), one afghan for another granddaughter several necklaces to sell to make money for the Humane Society. (You can see where my love is)

This is the crazy hat. She will love it!

funky hat

Let’s hope that people calm down soon and the crazy hoarding stops. There really is no need for it.

Stay well!

7 thoughts on “Toilet paper answer

    1. Eggs are scarce here too. I have learned to go to the grocery about 45 minutes after it opens. This is so that the people who stood in line before opening are gone. Stuff is still missing but there usually are a few cartons of eggs. Can’t pick and choose what kind but at least we have eggs.


  1. Here, the first hour of the day is seniors only at most stores, so most things are stocked up. I don’t go out at all, but my husband went a couple of times last week and he said it wasn’t too bad.


      1. On Thursdays, the stores where Jen & Genie work, have the first hour of the day for seniors and employees. If they do get seniors hour going where you are, you could ask about that, so you can make a point of going other days when it would be quieter.


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