Clean out those mental closets


Sometimes while thinking about our life we can see the places where we went off the track. It can be quite disturbing. Often we don’t want to open the doors of those closets where we have stored our missteps. The truth is that is how we learn. Looking back we can usually see very clearly how we stumbled off the path. The good news is we can also see how we got back on it.

Don’t be afraid to throw open the doors of your mental closets, sweep out the dirt, and leave it clean. Each day of life is an opportunity to learn something new. Take advantage of it.


4 thoughts on “Clean out those mental closets

  1. Excellent reminder. Some people regularly clean their houses, closets, and attics to make room for important stuff, like space. How often do we do the same for our minds.

    Our minds retain everything we’ve ever seen or heard. So we need our to be mindful, appreciating and acknowledging what we want to keep, while storing the residue where it won’t get in our way.

    I rarely do a household clean-up, at least not until my dust-bunnies start proliferating past my comfort zone.

    But i review my mind’s clutter daily, and retrospectively, annually. The latter is much of what i do at this time of year. It’s also amazing what i discover that’s affecting me emotionally, but which i missed; or not. Fear, sadness, joy, and pain are all signs to attract our conscious review, something i need to look at. Even the joys need to be appreciated since those are the experiences i’ll enjoy repeating.

    Having an uncluttered mind enables me, fundamentally, to more effectively manage the challenges which come up so often.

    Actually uncluttering our minds is also like cleaning up our tool boxes, or cupboards, so we can get at and use the cognitive and emotional tools most of us have at our disposal.

    And as we know, a craftsman is only as good as his tools. Thanks for the valuable reminder.


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