We can learn and remember with music

There is something about music that moves my soul. Music can take me to another place quickly. Many times music will touch a place inside and bring me to tears. There are so many kinds of music that I like. There are very few that don’t touch me in some way.

Music can lift us when we are down. It does have to be the right thing. Listening to something depressing when you are already sad is a mistake. There are some songs that just force you to feel better especially if you sing along.

I will never forget the Muppets singing about being mad. I made sure that my children learned that song and could sing it when angry. I seemed to bring perspective to those feelings.

We also don’t teach as much with music as we could. I have a song taught by a college biology professor that I have never forgotten. My children can still sing the preamble to the constitution learned in Schoolhouse Rock. I recently learned that one of my favorite people here in Savannah was key to creating that series. His talent was amazing. He is now gone by never forgotten. His name was Ben Tucker, a bass player who player with almost all the old jazz groups, and knew everyone in the music world.

Music helps us to learn and I still wonder why learning this way isn’t used more. If you didn’t grow up hearing those teaching moments here is an example.


























2 thoughts on “We can learn and remember with music

  1. When I taught English lit, I liked to use music to teach. I had a couple of songs to accompany our Shakespeare lessons, and the kids would perform them for assemblies. When we studied “Macbeth,” we sang “Malcolm, MacDuff” to the tune of “Louie, Louie” (The three witches were the backup singers.) For “Romeo and Juliet,” we sang to the theme song of “The Beverly Hillbillies.”
    “Come a-listen to my story ’bout a man named Capulet
    Who had a lovely daughter, and her name was Juliet.
    Then one night at a party she was chewin’ on some food,
    When in through the door come a bumblin’ dude.
    (Romeo, that is …)”
    I don’t know about the kids, but I had a blast. 😉


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