Gain an hour???

Well the next shoe has dropped and we have to replace our heating and air system. Sometimes you just wonder if the goblins are haunting you. I guess we were due since it is quite old.


As I have said before life is never boring. I am beginning to think a little boring would be nice. Just a short while of simple and peaceful. Actually except for that it has been peaceful.

time clockDo you ever wonder why we have to keep changing time? It seems to crazy. The reasons I heard in the past (good for farmers –who get up anyway–saves energy???) all seem unnecessary. I would rather that we just pick one and stick to it. Tonight we ?gain? an hour. Do we really since we gave it up in the spring? Seems like we are just treading water.

When will whoever is in charge of this get real?!?

12 thoughts on “Gain an hour???

      1. Boring can be a relief, and restful at times, can’t it. Not too much of it, but in balance i’ve grown to love it. It was an epiphany i had after i moved into my 70s. So was it my somewhat reduced energy, or had my priorities changed? Probably a combo of both. Thanks for the great story.


    1. We’re going through the same meta-morphisis in BC. But personally, I’ve never understood the angst and discombobulation the time-change causes in some people. After all, isn’t time an artificial human construct anyway? Lol


      1. True but I am connected to the light and moving the time changes when I wake. I do ok with the natural light differences but changing to daylight savings messes me up every time.


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