Today I realized that I have been writing this blog for two years. Time flies when you are having fun. It has been wonderful to have a place to throw out my ideas and my opinions. At least no one has tarred and feathered me yet.

likingAt my age, 78, I do have lots of opinions and am old enough to not be afraid to share them. I am no longer afraid of speaking out and taking the consequences. It has gotten me in hot water occasionally but then I am not tied to everyone liking me.

Having lived through almost eighty decades I can see the changes that have taken place. The most concerning to me is the polarization of our society. The loss of perspective and respect for another’s opinions is worrisome. There is an unwillingness to even consider a different perspective. It is most evident in politics but can also be found in every day experiences. I feel like the lost lonely moderate. I know there are others but they are certainly not obvious.


I hope we can find a way to become reasonable human beings again. This is not the culture I lived in for many years. I am so sorry that it has come to this. Is there a way back to respect, moderation and finding a middle ground?

4 thoughts on “Opinions

  1. !!! You’ve lived almost eighty decades?! No wonder you’re so wise. (Said the one who called her blog “Seeking Divine Perpsective” for over a year before being told about the typo. ) 😉
    I agree, one of the advantages of being older is the wisdom to know that Truth trumps popular opinion. Don’t feel too lonely. I’m a moderate of sorts, too, although I prefer to call it “balanced.”


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