24 hours to rant

status-quoI have been thinking about the words “status quo.” There are many people who struggle against change of any kind. They fight for things to remain the same. The problem is that things never stay the same no matter what.

The one thing we can count on is that things will change. Sometimes that change is for the better, sometimes not. One of the greatest lessons we can learn is how to cope with change.

Recently I have used the term “new normal.” This is how I describe the pattern that is present in my life at the moment. I hope that this pattern will hang on for a while. Patterns give me peace. But I can surely count that, at some time, everything will change again.

pity partyCoping with change is one of the critical lessons we can learn. The ability to let go of our previous “normal” and move on to another has a lot to do with our state of mind. For those of us who battle anxiety change is a trigger word. It can send our whole world into a tailspin. Coping mechanisms for dealing with change are a must. I have a friend who says that when change happens that is negative we are entitled to fuss, fume, and cry about it…..for 24 hours. I have found this works. Just being able to rant for a while seems to get some of the frustration out and it helps me to move forward. I may be having a pity party alone or with someone…it doesn’t matter. It helps either way. There is a positive to venting. Let all those feelings out! Then move on.

When change comes use all the coping skills in your arsenal to overcome fear and anxiety.  It can be done!

9 thoughts on “24 hours to rant

  1. Amen! I say that to my husband often actually – my new normal.
    My new normal began in 2013 after my diagnosis, no cure, just a mess of pills that must be taken to help ease the chronic pain. I honestly though don’t remember what life was life before, and I really don’t. I’m afraid it’ll sadden me.
    This is me now, my new body, my new normal. 😊🙏🏽


      1. Very hard, I agree! I have my days, may days, where I doubt how I’ll get through that very day.
        Yes, and I learn as I go. I learn what I can and can no longer do. It’s frustrating, but once we learn to accept it, life gets a little easier and easier.


  2. I read an article in nursing school about change, as change is so frequent in health care, it equated change with the stages of grief. I think that we overlook that often we need to grieve the way it was so we can move on to the way it is. Regardless of if the change is good or bad…taking time to grieve what was and then let go and move forward. Thanks for the post!! It has my wheels turning 🙂


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