A Reflection

Yesterday was a good day. We had lunch with out friend and dinner with my son and his family. Both of us won’t eat for several days. For some reason today I am sad. It may just be the let down from all the energy spent getting everything done.


It is strange that each Christmas seems to fall out differently. I miss a routine. I miss a Christmas I recognize. I know things will continue to change as we age but it would be nice to have a few more Christmas norms. I guess if my whole family lived here it wouldn’t be so hard but I don’t know many people who have their whole family in one place. My children had to go where the jobs were best and it was the right thing to do. We are blessed to have one here some people have no one.

I do miss the old Christmas. I wonder if we ought to pull a Kranks and just skip it but neither of us  wants to do that. We really do love it and want to celebrate with whoever we can whether it is family or friends or whoever. I do remember the real reason for the celebration and will continue to give thanks.

Life does have ups and downs. We spend our lives accumulating…people, family, things and then we spend our “golden years” divesting ourselves of things. The family decreases on one end as it grows on the other. Our parents are gone and other family members but we have gained children, grandchildren and not great grandchildren. We will be the next generation sliding out and new generations will come. It is the cycle of life but sometimes it is hard. I remember my grandmother saying that she was a girl trapped in an old body. It is easy to feel that way. Sometimes I look at things from ancient eyes and sometimes not.


This blog has ended up sounding depressing but reflecting on my life span and where I am in the scheme of things is part of acceptance. No matter the past my life continues to be full. I am living each day, continuing to learn and grow. I will do that until I slip into the twilight.

5 thoughts on “A Reflection

  1. I don’t know exactly how old you are, but I am a grandmother, too. At the risk of being self-serving, I suggest you check out my “Perspective on 65” that I posted February 22. I hope it brightens your day. Happy 2019.


    1. I read your post. It was wonderful. I am actually happy to be the age I am (78). I am active and volunteer as a mediator for court cases. At times I do reflect on life past and present. I take some time being a little sad but then I can more on to what is to come. My husband and I are blessed to still be mostly healthy and grateful to God for our lives. Thank you so much for your thoughts and caring.


  2. The passage does seem sad sometimes, but also fulfilling and complete. Spending time with loved ones is a special thing during the holidays and now that my parents have both passed, my brothers have become more significant – sort of circling back to childhood in a way. Many, many circles of life 🙂


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