When will it change?

This is the first time that I have written for a long time. It’s as if I can’t get myself together. Day to day I am fine except for the usual that we all are going through with covid. And yet, here I am with weeks since I had the energy to write anything. Every time I thought about it it’s as if I shied away from it. I wanted so much to help others with my writing and have so many other ways I want to be of use but none of that has been possible. Sometimes is seems too much.

I am so blessed to be in a wonderful place but it doesn’t seem that way now. Austin remains at level 5 and ti seems that it will never drop. Patients are in the hospital who have been vaccinated but all but a very few only received two shots and did not go back for the booster. It is so frustrating.

That is my rant for the day. I am really ok but just impatient for something to change.

7 thoughts on “When will it change?

  1. Covid is a complete gong show here these days. Our premier has decided that it just isn’t a thing anymore. I’m not sure our already overstressed health services would agree and have no idea what they will do if they become totally overwhelmed by ‘not Covid’ cases.


  2. things will change. they always do. i waited a year to get my booster after the first 2..so far so good and fingers crossed:). be well and even if you don’t write here..keep writing elsewhere! Its often a good thing when we can go back and see how things have actually changed- usually our own perspective if nothing else. Hugs!!


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