Being Vulnerable

Being vulnerable takes courage. It is difficult to open ourselves to the potential that we may be hurt. Interestingly enough, both physical and emotional pain are experienced in the same part of the brain. Emotional pain hurts. If we have been hurt before we are fearful of going through the same experience. That is why we so easily ignore the opportunity.

Disclosure of our intimate selves is scary but when when we do a whole new level of friendship and/or love is possible. Yes, we could get hurt but we could also receive so much more than we lose.

In this uncomfortable world we have today the potential to touch with openness, love and friendship can make a tremendous difference. Don’t be afraid to reach out and let others in. It can change things.

5 thoughts on “Being Vulnerable

  1. I fully agree with this. I wrote a blog about it called Rising Strong after reading Brene Brown’s book… about my own experience… it takes courage yes, conviction, yes and an ability to cope with the criticism of some for your efforts, but worth it, knowing that you left it all on the field even for just one heart to feel the comfort, hope, light they need ❀


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