The real me

Another week gone by. Funny, they all seem the same. Wait…they have been the same. Each day blends into the next. Around and around and around. The days are only different by thoughts and ideas. It is hard to know what day it is.

Why am I so lazy? So inclined to just sit and knit or crochet. It is getting something done but not with the energy I usually enjoy. Today I did some simple gardening. It was hot out and it didn’t take me long to be tired and overheated. A routine of exercises must be added to my days or I will become a painted picture attached to a chair with knitting in her hands. This is not me. Somehow the desire for more has to be re-established. Days where my sights are higher than that chair.

the real me 2


People around us are getting out more but they are not as at risk as we are. It is so strange to be in the “old and fragile” group, I have never thought of my self that way. My self image has been altered and I need to move back to the real me.

5 thoughts on “The real me

  1. You’ll get there. I understand although I’m in a younger generation ( I guess to very very young people I’m “old and fragile). It’s such a strange time 🙏🏻💚


  2. Try not to let things get to you. Do a little at a time and keep your mind busy with the things that bring you joy; if that is knitting and crochet, then so be it!! Stay well, my friend.


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