16 thoughts on “A beautiful day

  1. My favorite season is Autumn, mainly because Maine is so beautiful in Autumn, but this time of year is beautiful too as the ideal temperature, coupled with the post-Winter greening and blooming, and the nice breezes makes it such a joy to be outside after the long confinement of the cold months. I don’t look forward to Maryland’s high humidity July and August. I do look forward to my annual escape to Maine in September.


    1. Thank you. I have loved the photos from your walks. We will not be able to stay here much longer. Too many taxes and too much yard and house work. We need to be someplace like where you are.


      1. That is so unfortunate. Governments need to be more accountable for how they spend our money. It should also become a priority to make it more financially viable for seniors to stay in our own homes. The world has seen through this pandemic how dangerous it is to warehouse seniors.


      1. No one can afford to. Since the 1950’s when my grandparents bought it the area has grown and the taxes along with it. It is now very expensive property. We hate leaving it but the value will provide for our care as we continue aging.

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      2. So sad. My community is becoming more and more elitist. The boys will no longer be able to afford a home here unless it is something we pass along to them. Taxes are outrageous.


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