Fear can change us

Today I am sad. Sad that so many people are so frightened that they can think only of themselves. Fear can make you do terrible things. Rushing into the stores and taking all the things off the shelves that others need is a perfect example. That kind of thinking frightens me more than the virus.I hope that they begin to realize the selfishness of their thinking.

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Each of us will need to tamp down our fear and help where we can. As a nurse, I worked for years where I was exposed to illnesses. I was stuck with a needle from a baby who was being tested for Hepatitis.  I have cared for AIDS patients when there were no medicines and no cure. Good, really, good hand-washing and other needed steps helped me and others remain disease free.

There is a real threat but if we take the proper precautions we will lessen the risk. That doesn’t include hoarding all the toilet paper (why?) and hand sanitizer. It includes being a responsible and caring person.

7 thoughts on “Fear can change us

  1. You write the truth. I dot understand why people would take so much. How can we help each other with this type of selfishness? Fear definitely changes people. It’s sad to see. And I just cling to the goodness out there. This is surreal. I’m so thankful for God’s love and grace. 💚


  2. Agreed! Our supermarkets have finally put a limit on how much paper supplies can be purchased at a time. They are also closing the stores to everyone but the elderly in the early part of the day, to allow for peaceful shopping.


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