Finding pleasure

bakerI have been cooking a lot lately. Mostly desserts. I have given a great deal of stuff away as we don’t need to be eating everything I make. I have been baking bread for years but am trying to hone my skill and make some different things. Some successes …some just so so. No real failures but I was not thrilled with them.

There is something creative about cooking. Most of my life was spent cooking for a family. Now there is just my husband and I most of the time I am not energized by our dinner menu. Nobody’s fault but mine. Breads and desserts are more fun.

I think this cooking has been therapeutic for me. It is better than just house and yard tending although some of that has suffered from my time in the kitchen. Oh well, it will still be there.. no genie will be coming to clean.


Finding things that give you pleasure are important for maintaining physical and mental health. Being creative makes me feel good and that is a big plus. You may not find it in a job but find it where you can. Take the time to fit it in. Your demeanor will improve and life will just be better.

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  1. Yes, you are right. My husband of 7 years ago yesterday had several serious illnesses, two surgeries, and was hospitalized or in rehab for all but 4 months of 2018. A friendly acquaintance pointed out that we at l east we had 5 good years. Little does she know that after many changes and adjustments, I still find pleasure in small things like watching him eat a bowl of ice cream by himself or having him “steal” my cup of coffee so he can drink some when I sit by him. We have been through a worrisome journey, separately but always together. That makes these years good in my eyes and in my heart.

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