Tough times

I hate to keep writing that days have been tough but it is the truth. Trying to divide what we want to move with us and what we do is confusing. Also, accepting that this is it finally. I have wanted it here but now that it is it is really stressful. I have been fighting anxiety and taking meds when I usually don’t need them.

Change is hard and not what we usually want. We need this and it will take a while to get things organized. So many doctors to set up for my husband and visits to them. When we get it all set up it will be a gigantic relief. We already have an appointment with an infectious disease specialist and that is the most critical one since his primary problem is the infection in his knee replacement.

At some time I will be able to think again and write about interesting topics instead of whining about my stresses. I am looking forward to that. I have also written so little on my other blog “heargodinothervoices.” my thoughts about God have been thanking him for his support with me and his continuing care.

This week will be busy so I will write when I can and know that the community will understand and support me.

6 thoughts on “Tough times

  1. I hope you will be settled in soon. I can’t imagine how stressful this is for you – having to take care of most of the move yourself plus dealing with all of your husband’s medical needs. He is so lucky to have you. You are a rock star!


      1. I think a lot of people would have gone running by now. I am glad you are strong enough to do what you have to do but I hope things will get easier for you soon. It does take a toll even if one is too busy to notice. (Been there)

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