Another “If” question

I have decided that this is a day for another “IF” question.

“If you could eliminate one heredity characteristic from your family what would it be?

This is an easy one for me. I would get rid of our tendency to have anxiety and depression. Mostly it is anxiety which then leads to depression. For some of my family this is a mild trait…for others not so much. In the past anxiety has lead to alcoholism since it is one way to tamp down anxiety. Obviously not a good way but one that was commonly used in the past and could easily be again. It could also lead to drug abuse for the same reason.

I have seen this problem crop up in some younger members but I am relieved to say that they are handling it really well.

Any kind of mental health issue is a challenge that can easily lead to bad ways to handle the problems it causes. I would be happy if this disappeared in my family.

10 thoughts on “Another “If” question

  1. Depression runs in my family too. Praise God medical research has learned much about the condition in recent decades. We’re also very thankful for the medications that keep depression at bay.


  2. I would get rid of our tendency to be embarrassingly clumsy. (This is due to a genetic collagen disorder which causes debilitating chronic pain and other issues for some of us.) But seriously, we are as elegant as a flock of seagulls.


  3. Easy for me, too. Clinical depression. Honestly, not so much for my sake because I have been blessed with good doctors and modern medicine. My heart breaks for my predecessors who suffered in silence.


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