Saving from pain

When my mother died and then my aunt a year later I was tasked with cleaning out their homes. This was not an easy task. Not only were there things that hadn’t been seen in many years but also things that brought back memories and tears. This was back around 2003-2004. I still remember the agony of that job.


For this reason I am trying, little by little, to make cleaning out my things easier on my family. I have written about getting rid of things but this is the underlying reason. I am moving slowly but making progress. This is another thing that strangely enough is on my bucket list. I know, this is not a fun thing but it matters to me.

Little by little, bit by bit I am going through papers and personal items. Many things can be discarded but others need to have a place, with explanations, where they are kept. I hope I don’t die soon as this may take me until my death to do. For my children’s sake I hope not. For me this is not a macabre task but a loving one.

do i need it

It seems that we spend the first half of live accumulating things, the next quarter enjoying them and the last quarter letting them go.

Each part of life has its demands. Too many people leave a huge disaster for others to clean up. I hope I can do better than that.

4 thoughts on “Saving from pain

  1. I agree wholeheartedly! We recently downsized and had an “estate sale,” where we sold about a third of our possessions, and another third was hauled off to the Good Will. It felt like a huge weight lifted off our shoulders. We still have tool much stuff, but at least we can see the light at the end of the tunnel of junk!
    (Researching prices at the antique store, I ran into an old friend who threw her arms around me and declared how GLAD she was to see me! Apparently she had seen the “estate sale” sign in the yard and thought I had died!)


  2. A “sibling” was staying in the Master suite…when I gave into the exchange, when my sister and my niece moved in temporarily…into
    a room large enough for my Q-size bed, bureau and Television, leaving, most of my things.
    After returning to my Master…I am STILL looking for, or finding while making heads or tails out of her and my things. She left all.
    She goes against every poimt in the image you attached (which I printed, just for she AND my mother… :o)
    Thank you for the advice . they needed it…lol
    But They are family, and I do anything for them…but clean up their messes, figuratively and literally. (which I always have, and put my foot down, lightly, and stopped.



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