Time change! UGH!

time change

Tomorrow we switch to daylight savings time. How ridiculous! This changing of time is so silly. There have been multiple explanations why we do this and most of them aren’t significant. I know that it gives us evening daylight hours in the summer and some people like that. For someone like me I will be back to getting up in the dark and my mood will switch from great back to SAD. The evening hours don’t help me as I am a morning person. I don’t do getting up in the dark.


For the next few weeks I will be grumpy and tired. I will adjust but only when the sun catches up to our new time. For a while we lived in Panama and to change time was insane since the sun time changed little. We were almost at 12/12. Maybe that is where I need to live. I know it couldn’t be where darkness is 6 months long.


We are definitely connected to the earth’s time clock. Our bodies are part of the earth and we change with the seasons. We change with the tides. We belong to Mother Earth.

I hope that everyone manages to cope with this shift to our natural rhythm. We will manage and move on but I can still HATE IT!

2 thoughts on “Time change! UGH!

  1. I came home exhausted and thinking about all the things I still had to do this evening. Then my husband reminded me that we’re “losing” an hour tonight… Not helpful! – Although I do enjoy gaining it back in the fall.
    (I remember when I was a kid, the year we forgot to set our clocks back, coming into the church and hearing the children singing, “Sunday school is over, and we are going home…” :/)

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