You can’t always fix it

Have you known people whose whole life is a drama? Their life is really no different from any of ours but they tend to enjoy the hullabaloo. This morning the minister at my church talked about that. He pointed out that for them it is a way to make life more interesting. However, continuous drama gets old fast. The constant anxiety and stress related to it is not good for the drama queen/king. It keeps life in a continual adrenaline rush. Not good for us physically or mentally.


This lifestyle keeps the focus on the drama-maker. It is part of their way to remain the center of attention. It also wears out the people around them and can result in people not responding as in “the boy who cried wolf.” Their need for acknowledgement is sapping their life force.

I don’t know if this lifestyle comes from a childhood of being ignored. I am not an expert. But it does seem that they desperately need reinforcement of their goodness and value. When relating to people like this we can mirror their goodness back to them but we can’t be pulled into the drama. This can be a negative stressor for us.

Some of the people I love are like this and I have struggled with learning how to deal with it. I have found that giving them as much love and support as possible without diving totally into the drama works for me. I have to make a conscious decision to maintain some distance and calm or else I will be anxious and stressed too.


There are some things in this world that no matter how much we want to fix them we can’t do it. It is important absorb this and live accordingly.

8 thoughts on “You can’t always fix it

  1. If people emanate negative energy or life draining perspectives, there is an alternative (solution). For me, I simply finds ways to vacate them from my presence. As you mention, their behavior/actions gets old and unproductive.

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  2. Sometimes I feel like I am one these people; sometimes I crave attention but it’s because I’m hurting. I have gotten a lot better these days. I am not quite sure I wouldn’t categorize people with mental health issues and anxiety to be creating drama; it’s a pretty loaded term. What may be drama to some is really just someone reaching out for help. I love your writing but struggle with this post. When a friend hurt me and I told her; she messaged me and told me I was all about drama and was just seeking attention; which I don’t think is the truth. That terms hurt a lot to me for some reason; it minimized my feelings

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