Life is for living!

life hits you

Why is it that we have these times of doing well and the suddenly life smacks you. My friend’s husband fell last night and broke his hip. She has been caring for him…physically..for over a year now. She is the reason that he is alive. Medicine today requires that you have an advocate and she is his. He was doing well and improving, walking with a walker and talking more and now we are back at square one. I am brokenhearted for her and for him.

My daughter’s father-in-law died yesterday. She has been helping to care for him for the last eight months. His was an expected and peaceful death but there is still much to get through. In life we are in the midst of death.

This is the season of anticipation. Waiting for a birth and yet death and suffering continue. The cycle of life. It is interesting at my age to think about the years coming and know that I won’t be here to see the future. This is not an unhappy reflection but a reflection on life itself. Everything is a cycle of birth and death. Even stones are worn away into sand. We also return to the earth. This is as it should be.

Today I am fighting IBSD and that is part of my cycle. This too will pass and life will continue to be born. There is today and more days to come. Take each of them and treasure them whether they are joyful or challenging.  Life is to be lived.



4 thoughts on “Life is for living!

  1. I turn 59 on Saturday and find myself wondering how many years I have left. I don’t regret my life and there isn’t really anything I regret not doing. Raised as an Air Force Brat and serving 27 years in the Navy gave me a life most people don’t experience. So you could say I’m satisfied.
    Yesterday, a co-worker suffered stroke-like symptoms in the office and had to take an ambulance to the hospital. Rick is just a a year or two younger than I. He’s okay; it wasn’t a stroke but it sure scared him. And me. We’re too young for things like that. At least, we think like we’re young. But the older we get, the more likely it is that we will suffer health problems.
    Maybe that’s what makes us feel old even though we still see and think through the same eyes and the same mind we always have. I don’t think our minds age. I think life ages us if we let it beat us down. As you say, life is to be lived. I will continue to live life as I always have; with the curiosity and wonder of a child (it drives my wife crazy 😉


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