And it was good

front lawn shadowsToday I decided to eat breakfast on the porch. It is frequently too hot but today is milder and there is a breeze. We live on a tidal marsh. We have an 8 ft tide change. When tide is low you can smell the marsh. Some people don’t like that smell but I love it. When I was a child and visited my aunt and uncle here that smell meant we were on the way to the beach… on the way to a fun day so that smell has wonderful memories for me. It is interesting that smell can stimulate such strong memories.

I love the play of light and shadow made by the giant oak trees that we have here. There are ferns that grow on the trees (along with Spanish moss). They are called resurrection ferns. When there is no rain they are brown and look totally dead. Then it will rain and behold they are beautiful and green. I love the name and the connection.

resurrection fern

Today sitting on the deck I just reveled in the beauty of the day…how green everything is…the beautiful oaks..everything in God’s world. God is in the midst of it all. Creation continuing in the world.

I am blessed to be able to sit and absorb the beauty. I don’t do it enough. It soothes my soul and reduces anxious thoughts. It is part of my journey that I have committed to see the world around me each day and immerse myself in it.

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    1. Yes, we are blessed. This land belonged to my grandparents and was left to me. Originally it was only a fishing camp and was just overwhelmed with mosquitoes. It was not the beautiful place it is now and was almost worthless. It has had lots of hard work and love put into it.

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      1. How amazing, to turn nothing into somewhere so beautiful, you should be very proud indeed, I know how hard it is to brings wrecks to life, having done similar, our home was so neglected when we bought it 20 years ago, now it’s our pride and joy!

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