There is someone to listen

We-just-need-someone-who-will-listen (1)Yesterday I just didn’t have the energy to write. I am not sure about tonight but I just need to vert. The last few weeks have been so frustrating. Nothing major but it just seems that everything that I have tried to do has been a headache. Things that are usually simple became complicated and it all became more and more annoying. Our medical system has run off the rails.  As a Parish Nurse I helped people navigate the system but it has disappeared on down the track.  Three weeks ago I saw a doctor who prescribed medication that is new. I knew that I had to be authorized but for the last three weeks is just plain disappeared. No one knew what had happened to it.  Today I took the bull by the horns and appeared in the drs office demanding to discover where the vanishing medicine was. This was after multiple calls to the drs office and our insurance provider.

Well guess what…? the drs office is using a new system and sent the rx somewhere in the nebula to get it since it is difficult to approve. I let them know that there is such a thing as COMMUNICATION. Some clear answers and some information at my office visit would have saved much stress and aggravation. (I sitll don’t know where the rx is)

As I said my computer crashed and getting everything up and running has been one aggravation after another. Since I don’t have the medicine I need my IBS has flared again. I could go on and on..

Thank you bloggers for the time to vent. I just needed to get some of the anger and intense feelings out.

god-hears-youOne of the things I have learned in my life is that sometimes all someone needs is to be able to ventilate their feelings. If you have someone that you can do this with you are blessed.

God is there to listen if we just take the time. He will always hear our feelings no matter what they are. Sometimes I imagine being held in the arms of Jesus and my tears being wiped away. There is peace in his care.

2 thoughts on “There is someone to listen

  1. Suzanne, your anger and frustration are very familiar to me. It took several weeks, and then some, to get the medication approved for my Crohn’s, and then they approved something entirely different than what was prescribed. So then the doctor had to begin the procedure again. Like you, no communication. Robert and I have had to make numerous changes in our lives over the past few years, beginning with mother’s care to moving out of state to another move back across the country. The struggles continue but God is still supreme. I know without a doubt that God sent us to Colorado to teach His love to our grandchildren. And I know He led us back to Georgia to receive and give love and compassion. My family here has been I’ll for the past several weeks. My daughter has to tonsillitis, bronchitis and the flu. Her husband has bronchitis and the flu, their daughter has the flu, the two grandsons have the flu and eat infections. Robert has bronchitis and sinusitis. I am the nurse, cook, laundry lady, momma, Grandma, and taxi driver. Marianne spent Saturday in the ER. Yesterday and today I took sick grandchildren to the pediatrician 40 miles away. I can only pray for the strength I need to care for everyone and plead for good health.
    God is good. He reminds me everyday.
    Miss you. Love, Alice


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