aging gracefully

ageMany people say getting old is not for sissies. They are completely right! As we age we have to learn to accept the fact that we can’t do all the things that were so easy in the past. Even though I am quite active and do heavy gardening and walking there are some things that are not the same. One of the things that is hard to prevent is losing core strength. That’s what puts us at risk of falling. With yoga I do balance exercises but I can tell a difference in how sure I feel. I have learned to make sure that I hold on to something if I am at risk. Things like this make me see how I am aging. Am I sorry? Well I would like to live longer but I don’t think forever. That would be a dubious choice.

young at heartWhen my grandmother was alive she would say that God gave her a hearing loss so that she could opt out of any conversation that she wanted to by turning off her hearing aids. She also said that she could’t see as well so that she didn’t have to see what she looked like. She was good about putting a positive spin on things.

Even though I can have days with mild anxiety I try to keep the same attitude. After all, the alternative to growing old is not being here. Not an acceptable choice.

The thing that is difficult is seeing those you love losing strength and having health issues.  When we love someone we don’t want to watch them fade. There really is not a wonderful way to die. Some people would rather go suddenly and not face pain and sickness. Some people would at least like to have time to put things in order. Most of us are more afraid of dying than of death, With death you are either with God or know nothing. So what is there to fear?

olderWow has this become a depressing blog but I don’t mean it to be. I think living with all of this is part of life. If we are blessed to live long enough we will face these issues. Accepting that we are human and having a limited time here reminds us to make the most of each moment. Enjoy each phase of life and treasure what it offers. If I am lucky I will see a great grandchild. Who knows?

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    1. The seventies have some challenges but really nothing worse than I experienced at every stage of my life. I have the freedom to try lots of new things and not care about the outcome. I no longer worry about what other people think!

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  1. I personally have no intention of being here when I get old. I think getting old would be fine if you’d lived a good life and had family (children, grandchildren and a partner) to live for. Otherwise, it seems very lonely and isolating and you;’d also deal with your body physically deteriorating along with your memory. All I can say is “no thank you”. I don’t see the point of it as I’d be in an even worse position than I am now.


    1. Savannah it is not as bad as that. I am learning new things every day. I have friends who are by themselves and their lives are busy with new things they want to do. Theythey are in the “sample” part of live where they can sample anything and discard any of the things they don’t want. I am blessed to have family but I am also sampling. After being let go by my job I struggled with feeling useless but am working beyond that now. Life can still be worth living at any age.

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  2. I can’t know for sure but I have some friends who have no family but reach out to others and find connections. You just have to keep going. There is always something more we haven’t done or tried. Many times in my life I have felt unwanted and not needed but someone that changes. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but it does happen. You are precious. You are unique. There will never be another you. Remember that. Suzanne

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