And on it goes, and on, and on

The last few days have been bad. I am having a serious attack of IBSD and that always stresses me into anxiety. In addition where I live there has been a considerable increase with the number of people who have covid and that doesn’t help. Today the dining rooms are closed and we can order food to be picked up. Not fun to have to eat alone.

I think one of the hardest things about my time is the loneliness that can’t be helped. I miss my husband who was my rock for almost 59 years. It is the emotional support that is the most difficult to lose.

I am trying to hang in there and hope that getting my rx for the med I need will bring about some change.

Thanks for listening to my woeful post.

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      1. Definitely! I can’t imagine how difficult it has been for people who are on their own to get through this – especially knowing loved ones are so close but not. Take care, Suzanne 💞

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