Today’s journey

O to be so relaxed!

I met today with a new therapist and am so encouraged by our connection and her understanding. Things will get better. I will continue to believe that.

I continue my struggle with IBSD but I am reaching out for a doctor as I don’t have a gastro one here. I realize that I also am missing all the doctors I had before. I must find new ones.

We are currently sheltering from the new covid strain and quite a few people here have been sick. We all wanted so much to see things as normal and that is not happening. It can be so tiresome and depressing.

Crash and I remain here working through each day. He is my companion and solace.

3 thoughts on “Today’s journey

  1. I hope you find a good set of doctors, Suzanne. Here, any doctor is difficult to find. Glad to hear you can connect with your new therapist and that that goes well for you. Good that you have Crash for company. I am sure enjoying Molly, even though she is pretty challenging on the best of days!


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