Grief Encompassed Me

Since coming back from my husband’s funeral in June things seemed ok. I was preparing to travel with my daughter’s family on a trip to Canada. I became more and more anxious and time ticked away and a week before the trip had a melt down. I had been crying daily and getting more and more upset.My anxiety had reached a level where I knew I had to do something. Discussion with my doctor’s Nurse Practitioner helped me to see that I wasn’t ready or able to take that trip. Fortunately my daughter had wisely taken out insurance that allowed anyone to cancel for any reason. She completely understood my decision. The minute my decision was made a weight was lifted.

I was really unaware that I would be so affected by the trip to Savannah with the funeral, visiting the city and seeing friends. After his death over 14 months ago I had no idea that it would cause me to react so strongly. I should have remembered that we were together for over 58 years.

5 thoughts on “Grief Encompassed Me

  1. Sounds like having that discussion with your doctor was a really good idea. You just aren’t ready, and there’s nothing wrong with that.


  2. Sometimes the best thing for a person is just a really good long cry. I am glad that your daughter was understanding and that she just let you do what felt right for you. And I hope you are feeling so much better, Suzanne. πŸ’ž


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