Continue to live a life that matters

Those of us who are in the last chapter of our lives need to know that we can still make a difference. Continue to live each day to leave behind a legacy of love and caring.

2 thoughts on “Continue to live a life that matters

  1. Such a true sentiment Suzanne. My Dad spent his final weeks in a hospital bed dying of cancer. He was skin and bones, he was so weak he had to be lifted up on his pillow to be able to see his visitors. He had many and he treated them all the same – with kindness, interest, smiles, enthusiasm, and joy. I don’t think anyone who visited him in those four months was not changed by the experience. Even the priest spoke of it at his funeral. He said he always dreaded going to see my Dad, anticipating how he could possibly have gotten weaker and frailer since his last visit, but he was always amazed and uplifted by the end of the visit. Everyone was.


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