Challenging week

This has been a challenging week. On Monday I fell tripping over Crash. Flat on my back. I seemed to be ok but had muscle pain. On Friday afternoon I got extremely fast heart rate and ended up going to the emergency room. I was transferred to the heart hospital and spent the night.Diagnosis is either atrial fib or SVT. Basically there is a place where heart rate is controlled that is going awry. On Wednesday I will have a outpatient procedure that will hopefully fix the problem. Please keep me in your prayers and thoughts for a good outcome. May each of you have a blessed holiday and I will post again soon.

11 thoughts on “Challenging week

  1. deep breaths and big hugs. I went through the heart thing in February. Decided against ablation and now on Flecaniade twice a day, probably forever..but keep us updated on here..hugs and good vibes!


    1. When they did the procedure they were unable to find an exact spot where there is a problem but I am on meds and will be exploring if extreme stress can have been a factor. I think all will be well. Thanks for the hugs.

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