I will be better!

I haven’t written in so long that I will be surprised if anyone remembers me. I seem to function well day to day but can’t spend time thinking. TV has become my escape. I don’t like this version of me. It is up to me to change this. Choices are there I just have to choose well.

My dogs continue to worry me. One is with my daughter for a short while and the other has some health issues that concern the vet. I hope we can pin down the problem soon and that it is minor.

My basset hounds are big dogs with short legs which means that they can pull me down or trip me up easily. I fell earlier this week getting tangled with Crash. (on carpet thank goodness). No major hurt except for muscle pains. I feel blessed that it wasn’t more.

As I look back over this short post I wonder where the real me has gone. I will do better! I am determined!

9 thoughts on “I will be better!

  1. Suzanne, I think of you often and wish you well! There are times when life is like clawing through wet cement. Been there! Somehow I have always made it through to the other side but I feel your pain. 💞 (The strange thing is looking back and wondering what the heck that was all about – but those times must serve a purpose even if we do not see it at the time.)


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