Tired, sad, and hopeful

This is the first night that I have attempted to write anything. Having lived for almost a month in chaos has me really drained. We are finally able to feel as if we live in our apartment. It is a very quiet and tree filled area. It is, however, much different than living in a neighborhood where everyone smiled and waved to each other. It feels emotionally cold although I am sure that is just me adjusting to a different world.

Right now it is hard. My family is mostly busy during the week with work and school even though available for help and ememrgencies if needed. It feels very lonely although in truth no different than our former home during covid. Getting out is the same and it was lonely at home too. It just feels different in a different space. I know these feelings will pass and some of it is homesickness but at the moment it makes me sad.

Sometimes waiting is so hard. All of us waiting for a vaccine and for something to change. In lots of ways putting life on hold. We have to find ways to continue to live even if in a different way.

I am holding on to that hope for now and managing.

I am sorry to have missed so many blogs and so many of you on wordpress and on facebook. I will try to get back to my former pattern so that I can reconnect.

In this week coming up to Thanksgiving in the US I will be counting my blessings and they are many. Peace, Suzanne

6 thoughts on “Tired, sad, and hopeful

  1. Suzanne, I hope you feel a connection to your blogging friends. I know we can’t give you smiles and hugs, but we can be on the same page as we share our insights about the God who is able to be with every one of us at the same time.
    ❤ Annie


  2. Are you in the same town, Suzanne? Are you at least familiar with the surroundings? Are you in a good walking neighborhood? Keep taking one day at a time. Have a blessed Thanksgiving, my friend. xoxo Regina


    1. That is the hard part. We have moved from Savannah GA to Austin Tx. The highways are everywhere and driving is confusing. I hardly know how to get to the grocery. I know it will get better and at least we are in an apartment complex that is part of a wildlife preserve and I can walk in quiet greenery. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Suzanne

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