How do you see it?

Today I have encountered several things that bring into focus some major issues plaguing our culture today. I think we may be beginning to see the result of changes in the precepts for raising children. As we began an era were in most families two parents were working the parents, trying to spend “quality” time with their children were lured into the idea that everything should be as perfect for them as they could make it. I am not accusing the parents. The changes in society brought this about.

Now if things aren’t perfect for that group of adults they feel deprived and entitled to more. They grew up thinking that everything would always go their way and want to insist on it in their adult years.

At the same time we began to change how children were treated in society as a whole. We fretted about feelings so that there ended up being no winners or losers. Everyone was treated “the same.” Unfortunately everyone is not the same. That is actually a good thing and learning early that things aren’t fair prepares you for what you face later in life.

Because children were the most important thing in the world they would naturally not care about others but only look at continuing to get what they expected. Others don’t matter. Many times money was used to get them what they wanted as in the case of the parents who bought their children into colleges. What did they learn from that?

We have lost values. Values are “a person’s principles or standards of behavior; one’s judgment of what is important in life.” (dictionary) Unfortunately I sense that this may be the beginning of a major change in our way of life. The decline of morals and the change of values to “me” and money is a bad trend. We have to correct this direction.

6 thoughts on “How do you see it?

  1. Agreed. There seems to be a decline in morals, along with a decline in respect, throughout many nations. Respect is earned by all, it is not granted lightly. Through a lack of direction by those in charge and those who direct our thoughts (media owners generally) there is a lowering of morals, respect and understanding for those around us, as well as the things that we both see and inherit. The culture of me, me, me has pervaded societies and there is now such a divide that some are seen as unworthy of respect or attention. The message coming from those who govern our lives is “get as much out of your life as you can yet avoid as much responsibility as you can for your actions.” Social media also has its part to play in allowing a lowering of the moral standards to go on fairly unchecked.

    What is the answer? That is the big question. There is no single answer. Broken homes, media, advertising, social media, money (and the lack of it) and changing education all play a large part. It is clear that not everyone is the same and yes this is good for what should be the remainder of a persons life. However, if the person is ill-adjusted before they unleash themselves upon their adult world, then the standards of morals and respect taught to us by our parents will not be carried on into future generations.


  2. Personally, I believe there are a lot of good people in the world who appreciate spiritual values. I think that is why I find it so shocking to see people in politics, social media, etc who are so totally morally corrupt. I always wonder how they cannot see and understand that love, kindness, gratitude, respect, peace, humility, etc are so much nicer.


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