Looking back and forward

Bouts of grief come and go with me. For some reason driving in the car seems to bring them on. That makes no sense. Grief is always that way. It comes in waves often without warning. Sometimes people don’t realize that it isn’t just a death that we grieve. Any kind of change can bring it on. We grieve for what has been even if we are looking forward to what is to come.

Having moved many times in my life I expect to be sad about what I am leaving but settle well when I get rooted in the next place. In some ways it is refreshing to think that this big downsize means that we will be getting some new furniture of the inexpensive variety. Moving lots of furniture is more expensive that buying new if you are wise about what you buy. We will take things that we love but that is mostly art work and personal items.

A lot of our furniture was passed down from my family and is not necessarily what I would have bought. Even though it has links to the past I have no regrets about letting it go. An estate sale agent will handle that.

It is almost like a new start and a chance to try some different styles that can be modified easily.

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  1. The ebb and flows of grief are real. I understand them. Prayers as you navigate these changes. Iโ€™m getting ready to go through something similar. Take careโค๏ธ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป


  2. I’m visiting from Mitch Teemley’s blog where I read your comment about leaving your coastal home for Austin. And here I read about your down-sizing in progress. We left FL six years ago after 40 years of ministry in six different towns/cities. Downsizing was part of our process too. Now our home is in the Midwest near family. I thought we might get homesick for the Atlantic or Gulf, the wildlife indigenous to FL, etc. Family trumps it all! And here we get to enjoy the seasons, hills, and different birds. All I truly miss are the friends we left behind. Must comment that we too own a lot of furniture given to us. We’ll never make the pages of Better Homes & Gardens, but our tables and chairs hold a lot of memories! P.S. I have family that lives in Austin too. You’ll no doubt appreciate the friendly people, wide expanses of sky, bluebonnets in spring, and hills–once you get settled, Suzanne!


    1. Thank you so much. Yes! I agree family does trump everything. We have been to Austin often and do love it. Like you it is friends we will miss the most. I am looking forward to not having yard to tend and someone else will fix the faucet etc. I also feel blesse that I love my daughter’s church. My last 20 years working as a nurse were as a Parish Nurse in a large church. I am excited to share the things learned in a lifetime of all kinds of church experiences there.

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