Grief for the hatred

I am almost struck dumb by hearing about another incident with a black man. The first one was in a place I have been many times and had no idea what was under the surface. We suffer from blindness that must go away. Why is the hatred so strong? Have we not changed at all? I grew up with a father who lived out that everyone was created equal. He never tolerated looking down on anyone. He was much loved by all who knew him.

The daughter of one of my best friends (the friend sadly is no longer with us) is married to a Lakota Sioux. I have seen through her eyes and that of her family the same kind of selective justice that their people have suffered. It continues.

The Massacre at Wounded Knee

When will we being to see people as human beings….no different than us. Is it going to take DNA testing everyone to prove that in today’s world odds are we all have DNA in common?The world has become very small. Is it going to take invasion by aliens to make us see our commonality instead of our differences?

Surely this virus has made us see it is no respecter of persons. Everyone race, creed or color is at risk. Can we not move past the hatred? I grieve for those hurt recently and those hurt in the past. Not just here in our nation but in the whole world. We can’t seem to learn.

7 thoughts on “Grief for the hatred

  1. This is really sad and also the truth. There is so much hatred all around the world and so many wars being fought that is not only killing humanity but is also hurting nature. Every day an incident takes place on the name of race, caste, creed or religion. We have all forgotten to be humans. We are all just now a human from a certain race. Something or the other comes up every day to enhance these thoughts on people’s minds. This coronavirus has taught humans that everyone is equal in the eyes of nature. I don’t know how many people understood that. Thanks for sharing this post.

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  2. Horrible, and while the violence isn’t as bad in Canada, the racism only gets worse. I do not understand why, in a time when personal growth is important to so many as a way to an improved life, there are so many in a race for the bottom. And unfortunately, so many of the worst are the ones who should be farthest above such ignorance – politicians, law enforcement, justice, and the like.


  3. What happened was indeed a tragedy. Especially at times when we need to set aside all the hatred and should be united as one.


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