Books: The never ending story

Do you go to the library? There was a time when all those books saved me. When my husband was in Viet Nam the only true place that I could feel calm was in a book. I was there at least once a week and took home five or six books and unless they were complex I had them back the next week.

Now I can hardly remember visiting the library unless I need to renew my card. I either get library books on my Kindle or read from the Kindle unlimited list. I don’t but a paperback or hardcover book unless it is so special that I want a physical copy. I have an extensive lot of books in my house. Before I had a Kindle my husband said if I brought another book into the house I had to take one out.

Now I am starting to pair down my library to the books I really want to keep. There are many here that I used when working that could be of great help to others. Those need to be gifted to those who need them. My absolute favorites will remain. It will still be too many but that’s life.

4 thoughts on “Books: The never ending story

  1. I love books. I love the library. My husband buys book all the time! He has an entire room with shelves filled. I have a small shelf by my yarn. I love taking books out of the library. If one really impacts me profoundly, then I’ll consider buying it for myself. I have a difficult time with kindle. I am too attached to the feel of the paper and the crinkle of the jacket.


  2. I love books and I grew up reading hard copies. Nothing truly could replace the feel of flipping through the pages and watching the pages turn yellow as time passes by.


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