Feel good jobs

I will sleep well tonight. I spent several hours pressure washing half of the front porch. The floor the house walls, ceiling and the railings. At that point I decided that it would be good to hire our neighbor’s son (who always wants the money for the jobs to help his ballgame trips in the fall) to do the other half and continue with the porch on the other side of the house.

I am a reasonably active 79 year old but washing the high sides of the house and the ceiling of the porch was enough. I need to work on those particular muscles. I will do other jobs and let him take on this one.

I really like working outside. It is good exercise to garden, mow and pull vines from the azaleas. It is time consuming but it feels so good when you are done. There is something fulfilling about a job well done. There are some things in life that you can do and see immediate results. I love those things. When mowing you can see the cut lawn looking so good row after row. Making a bed brings immediate results. There are many things that do but so many that don’t.

On with the jobs that make me feel good!

5 thoughts on “Feel good jobs

  1. I agree! Jobs that give immediate visual satisfaction are the best! That’s why I love weeding and planting, and edging. Picking peas, not so much but at least there’s a basket of peas at the end…that still need shelling!

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  2. I have a difficult time doing any work where my arms are over my head. My neck and back begin to spasm and it lays me up for days. I love toiling out in the yard; I can do it for hours. The best feeling is the nice cool shower after all the tools are put away.


  3. Great minds think alike. Dan and I power washed our patios and sidewalk yesterday. On the topic of mowing lawns – my aunt is ninety Six and lived in her family home by herself. Last year she was finding it getting harder to push her big lawn mower around her lawn. Her son went out and bought her a smaller mower. That cracks me up every time I am reminded of it. Go Aunt Marie!


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